November 23, 2011


November 2018


Please remove your shoes and boots before you step off the carpets at the front door. Even if you are invited into the studio to watch your dancer(s), you are bringing dirt and water in on your shoes which make the floors very slippery and can create injury very easily.


We have many places for coats :). Dancers can put their bags in the changerooms. We have coat hooks in all the changerooms. Parents, we have a coat rack for your coats in the hallway. Please keep all items (other than footwear) off the shoe racks to ensure
enough space for everyone’s footwear.

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Santa Clause Parade

The parade is on Saturday December 1st this year.

Dancers wanting to dance the Parade this year must be 8+ yrs old. Younger dancers (ages 4-7) will ride on the float.

There is a sign-up sheet at the front desk for all those wishing to participate.

The day of the parade – Please meet us at the parade start (ask a guide wearing a crossing guard vest where Encore Dance Studio is) no later than 9:30 am on Saturday December 1st.

What to wear? This year we are doing a “Santa’s Workshop” theme. All competitive dancers are to wear their comp boodies and black pants and all recreational dancers are to wear black EDS gear (over very warm layers of clothing) or plain black (jackets and pants). Dancers who are dancing the route are to wear running shoes with thick socks. No boots (dancers cannot dance in winter boots). All dancers must wear mitts (any colour). We will be providing Santa hats, and tutus (for some of the girls) which must be worn. Dancers sitting on the float need hats, warms mitts, scarves, winter coats and snow pants (it gets cold!). Dancers on the float may wear any colour. We would also suggest a blanket or sleeping bag to cover them.

Please pick up your child immediately following the parade at the parade end (Elmira Legion).

Saturday December 1st Dance Classes

Because of the Santa Claus Parade, regular dance class times will have to change. Below is the schedule for that Saturday of classes only.
12:30 – 1:00 Tots 12:30 – 1:00 Nov/Jr Ballet
1:00 – 1:30 Nov/Jr Tap
1:30 – 2:00 Nov/Jr Hip Hop
2:00 – 2:30 Beg Acro
2:30 – 3:30 Co r Jazz
3:30 – 4:30 Co r Hip Hop

PA Day Camps and March Break Camp

We are running PA Day camps as well as a march break dance camp! These camps will include a fun filled day for your dancer of crafts, games, and of course different forms of dance!!

PA Day Camps – The day runs 9am – 4pm. You can register for as many as you need. $37/day or all 7 days for $224 (for a full list of PA Day Camps please inquire as we are hosting for the Catholic and District school boards).

March Break Camp – The days run 9am – 4pm. Registration is for the whole week, Monday March 11th – 15th. The cost for this camp is $160 (including HST).

Christmas Recital Info
The Rehearsal

The Christmas dress rehearsal will be on Sunday December 8th at Country Hill Community Center starting promptly 2:45 pm.

All participating dancers are required to attend both the rehearsal and the show.

There will be no costumes worn for the dress rehearsal, however, hair should be done as well as having your dancer in proper dance attire and shoes. Make up is optional (eye colour to neutral tones, lips to red only – no pink) Hair for girls: Ballet – ballet bun to include hair net, very secure, with all hair gelled back.

All other classes – High ponytail, no part. All hair gelled back.

*Please ensure your dancer’s hair is properly secured with gel/hairspray and hair pins.

Please have your dancer arrive in their dance attire so they do not have to change. The doors will open promptly at 2:30pm at which point please proceed to the main show area (directly straight ahead from when you walk in). All dancers are asked to wait in the hallway to the backstage until called for their stage time. This hallway is to your right when you walk in the front doors. The girls change room/washroom is the first door on the left in this hallway. Boys change room is accessed from the gymnasium (main show area) – when you walk
in the area, just to the left.

Dancers are required to be at the venue no later than 15 mins before their scheduled rehearsal time. Sometimes we run ahead of schedule.  This means your dancer could be dancing up to 10 mins before their scheduled time. Please allow time for this.  If we are running ahead of schedule and your dancer is not there, we unfortunately cannot wait. It is important for our dancers to feel as comfortable as possible and this extra rehearsal helps them immensely. Please make sure your dancer is there at the proper time. The schedule for the rehearsal is below.  This is a closed rehearsal therefore one parent should bring their dancer(s). Please do not invite friends, or other family members or they will be asked to leave.  We will be using this rehearsal time to set up seating for the show and ask for parents to stand against the walls or the
back of the gym. If your dancer is late and misses their rehearsal, we cannot wait for them.  We will be on a tight schedule.

*Please remember that our staff will be very busy during dress rehearsal ensuring a great show for your child(ren). Dress rehearsal is dedicated to the dancers. Please try to ask any questions before this day as any time spent answering questions takes away from rehearsal time for your dancer.

Dress Rehearsal Order

2:45-2:50 – Hot Chocolate – Teen Jazz (Ms. Irene – Thursday)
2:50-2:55 – Little Snowflake – Dance 4 Tots (Ms. Paige – Saturday)
2:55-3:00 – Shake Up Christmas – Nov/Jr Hip Hop (Ms. Paige – Saturday)
3:00-3:05 – The Polar Express – Beg Jazz (Ms. Irene – Thursday)
3:05-3:10 – Chipmunks Song – Dance 4 Tots (Ms. Renee – Tuesday)
3:10-3:15 – Santa Claus Lane – Jr Jazz (Ms. Renee – Thursday)
3:15-3:20 – Candy Cane Lane – Teen Tap (Ms. Renee – Thursday)
3:20-3:25 – Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Nov Tap (Ms. Renee – Thursday)
3:25-3:30 – Green Christmas – Beg Tap (Ms. Irene – Thursday)
3:30-3:35 – Go! Christmas – Beg Acro (Ms. Paige – Saturday)
3:35-3:40 – Text Me Merry Christmas – Acro 2 (Ms. Irene – Thursday)
3:40-3:45 – Where Are You Christmas – Nov Ballet (Ms. Renee – Thursday)
3:45-3:50 – Christmas C’Mon – Nov/Jr Tap (Ms. Paige – Saturday)
3:50-3:55 – Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies – Pointe (Ms. Renee – Monday)
3:55-4:00 – Let it Snow – Teen Ballet (Ms. Renee – Tuesday)
4:00-4:05 – Underneath the Tree – Nov Jazz (Ms. Renee – Thursday)
4:05-4:10 – We’re a Couple of Misfits – Beg Ballet (Ms. Irene – Thursday)
4:10-4:15 – Carol of the Bells – Nov/Jr Ballet (Ms. Sarah – Saturday)
4:15-4:20 – Winter Wonderland – Teen Hip Hop (Ms. Renee – Wednesday)

The Show

The Christmas recital will be on Sunday December 8th at Country Hill Community Center commencing promptly at 5:30 pm. If you will require priority isle seating, please email us no later than November 24th. Doors into the auditorium will open 20 mins before the show time start with the show running approximately 1 hour. Tickets will be sold in advance only and will be available in the next few weeks (an email will be sent when tickets are available for sale). **THIS SHOW ALWAYS SELLS OUT AND WE HAVE LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TICKET PURCHASE UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.**

You have two ways of purchasing tickets. 1) Fill out the form found on on the Registration page and drop it off with payment at the desk at any time. Once your order has been filled, we will email you at which point you can pick up your tickets at the front desk. 2)Purchase from reception during reception hours. Because this show always sells out, we strongly recommend you purchase your tickets right away. We are limited in the number of seats we can host. Please do NOT leave tickets for friends/family at the door. Be sure to remember your tickets. We cannot issue replacement tickets nor can we allow anyone in without at ticket. Fire regulations are very strict and we need to adhere to them for safety. When dropping off your dancer, please take your dancer's coats and boots with you into the auditorium. This will avoid clutter in the small change room. Please ensure you have all your dancer’s costume pieces before the show day. As well please ensure you are leaving the show with all your dancer’s costume pieces. All costume pieces that were rented need to be returned to the studio the following week.


This year we will be doing wristbands for the show again. You will be given one wristband per family, so please have whoever will be dropping off and picking up your dancer from the hallway wear it. Once you drop off your dancer at the hallway, please proceed to your seat and from there your dancer will be with us backstage for the duration of the show (approx 1 hour). You will be welcome to pick up your dancer after finale. If your dancer is in multiple routines, please keep your dancers costume bags labeled as our Staff of assistants will be helping them change. If you wish to change your dancer yourself, you will be given a stamp on your hand which will allow you to have access to the change room. Please inform staff if this applies to you when you drop off your dancer.

Christmas Recital Costumes

Christmas recital costumes are rented for $7 per dance routine. Costumes will be sent home with your dancer closer to the recital date. Please send in your $7 for each costume that is being rented. Costumes will not be sent home if your account is outstanding. PLEASE DO NOT WASH ANY COSTUMES. As some of the costumes have special washing instructions, we have them cleaned and prepared for the following year.

Other Important Info

Please no flash photography. Non-flash photography as well as videography is welcome. Saturday morning classes will be running as normal with the rehearsal and show after. Show order is the same as dress rehearsal order :).